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Image for Galvanised Wire for Mine Roof Mesh
Galvanised Wire for Mine Roof Mesh Wire Products

Available with a Standard Galvanised coating and a Heavy Galvanised coating, Liberty OneSteel's Galvanised Wire provides effective protection again corrosion. Heavy Galvanised coatings are ideal for use in mines, where atmospheric conditions can cause corrosion.

Image for Roping Wire
Roping Wire Wire Products

Available in a range of bright and galvanised wires, Liberty OneSteel's Roping Wire is used extensively in the mining industry as dump ropes, drag ropes, bridge strand and haul ropes. Roping Wire complies with Australian Standards and comes in a variety of diameters and pack sizes.

Image for Low Relaxation Strand
Low Relaxation Strand Wire Products

Liberty OneSteel makes a range of high-quality and Australian-certified Low Relaxation Strand products for use in the construction and mining sectors.