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Liberty OneSteel is the largest Australian manufacturer of steel long products, producing approximately 2.5 million tonnes per annum. Liberty OneSteel’s hot rolled structural steel products, rod bar and wire products,  pipe and tube, reinforcing steel, and railway track and sleeper products are independently certified to Australian Standards and can be used with confidence in engineering construction, mining infrastructure, residential construction and transport applications. 

Image for Roping Wire
Roping Wire Wire Products

Available in a range of bright and galvanised wires, Liberty OneSteel's Roping Wire is used extensively in the mining industry as dump ropes, drag ropes, bridge strand and haul ropes. Roping Wire complies with Australian Standards and comes in a variety of diameters and pack sizes.

Image for Galvanised Wire for Mine Roof Mesh
Galvanised Wire for Mine Roof Mesh Wire Products

Available with a Standard Galvanised coating and a Heavy Galvanised coating, Liberty OneSteel's Galvanised Wire provides effective protection again corrosion. Heavy Galvanised coatings are ideal for use in mines, where atmospheric conditions can cause corrosion.

Image for Screen Wire
Screen Wire Wire Products

Used primarily in the mining and quarrying industries for the production of woven steel mesh, Liberty OneSteel's Screen Wire can withstand the rigours of impact and abrasion. It has been manufactured to exacting standards to ensure consistency and reliability.

Image for Mechanical Spring Wire
Mechanical Spring Wire Wire Products

Commonly used in the automotive industry and as spring wire in trampoline and garage door springs, Liberty OneSteel's Mechanical Spring Wire is manufactured to exacting standards. It's produced as either drawn galvanised wire or bright (hard drawn) wire.

Image for Bedding Spring Wire
Bedding Spring Wire Wire Products

Hard Drawn Bedding Spring Wire manufactured by Liberty OneSteel can be used for bedding and other types of furniture as specified by the customer. Liberty OneSteel's TruForm Spring technology means it's suitable even for the latest high-speed computer-controlled bedding spring machines. 

Image for Armouring and Conductor Wire
Armouring and Conductor Wire Wire Products

Liberty OneSteel produces a range of high-quality Armouring and Conductor Wire. Armouring Wire is used by the marine and terrestrial communications industries for binding electrical cables, and Conductor Wire is ideal for withstanding the severe conditions associated with overhead power transmission.

Image for Bright Manufacturing Wire
Bright Manufacturing Wire Wire Products

Liberty OneSteel's range of Bright Low-Carbon Manufacturing Wire can withstand flattening and moderate bending, and the wire can also be roll threaded. It's ideal for general-purpose applications, such as in automotive and general engineering components, as well as for shelving and shopfittings.

Image for Galvanised Manufacturing Wire
Galvanised Manufacturing Wire Wire Products

Corrosion can be reduced by using Liberty OneSteel manufacturing wire galvanised with a metallic zinc coating. Standard Galvanised coatings are appropriate for end uses such as bucket handles and baskets, while Heavy Galvanised coatings are advised for the likes of pool fencing and chain mesh in coastal area where atmospheric corrosion is likely.

Image for BaleTite Galvanised Baling Wire
BaleTite Galvanised Baling Wire Wire Products

Liberty OneSteel's BaleTite Galvanised Baling Wire is the strongest of its baling wire products and is ideal for use by the recycling industry. BaleTite can be designed for specific applications and is backed up by expert support and product development.

Image for BaloMax Galvanised Baling Wire
BaloMax Galvanised Baling Wire Wire Products

Manufactured to meet the demands of the recycling industry, Liberty OneSteel's BaloMax Wire is ideal for the baling of cardboard and paper. It's available in 3.00mm and 3.15mm diameters for a variety of uses.

Image for Balomatic Annealed Special Baling Wire
Balomatic Annealed Special Baling Wire Wire Products

Liberty OneSteel's Balomatic Baling Wire can be specified for different applications and is backed up by dedicated technical support and product development. It is produced in a controlled environment at Liberty OneSteel's modern annealing facility to ensure a consistently high standard.

Image for Annealed Tie Wire
Annealed Tie Wire Wire Products

For use where extreme ductility is required, Liberty OneSteel's Annealed Tie Wire is utilised in the building, manufacturing and galvanising sectors when tying is required. It's manufactured under strict controls to ensure a consistently high standard of product.

Image for PVC Coated Chain Mesh Wire
PVC Coated Chain Mesh Wire Wire Products

Available in Evergreen and Black PVC over a galvanised wire core, Liberty OneSteel's PVC Coated Chain Mesh Wire is suitable for most chain mesh machines. It's ideal for use in woven chain mesh fencing as used in industrial estates, for tennis courts and as safety fencing along motorways.

Image for Pipe and Tube
Pipe and Tube Products & Services

The Austube Mills business manufactures steel pipe and tube products and is an integral part of the wider Liberty OneSteel business. Choosing Austube Mills products means you can be certain you are getting a product that is made to Australian Standards and is third-party certified by the industry's independent assessment organisation.

Image for Galvanised Chain Mesh Wire
Galvanised Chain Mesh Wire Wire Products

Liberty OneSteel manufactures premium Galvanised Chain Mesh Wire for chain mesh machines and available according to the amount of zinc coating used. It's suitable for a number of industrial uses such as in security and safety fencing, as well as for tennis courts and parks.

Image for Brick Tie Wire
Brick Tie Wire Wire Products

Liberty OneSteel produces quality Brick Tie Wire in standard diameters, and other sizes upon request, to Australian Standard AS/NZS 2699:2000.

Image for Recycling
Recycling Products & Services

Liberty OneSteel Recycling specialises in the safe handling, collection, processing and distribution for sale of ferrous and nonferrous scrap metals to international markets as well as our company owned, Australian-based domestic steel mills and manufacturing facilities.

Image for Reinforcing Wire (Hard Drawn)
Reinforcing Wire (Hard Drawn) Wire Products

Reinforcing Wire is perfect for resistance welding and is commonly used as reinforcement for concrete and as welded wire fabric.

Image for Low Relaxation Wire
Low Relaxation Wire Wire Products

Liberty OneSteel's Low Relaxation Wire is Australian-certified wire used in railway turnouts, concrete railway sleepers and concrete posts and poles.

Image for Low Relaxation Strand
Low Relaxation Strand Wire Products

Liberty OneSteel makes a range of high-quality and Australian-certified Low Relaxation Strand products for use in the construction and mining sectors.

Image for Reinforcing Bar
Reinforcing Bar Reinforcing Steels

Reinforcing Bar is used as a concrete tensioning device in the residential, non-residential and engineering construction sectors. It's commonly used in concrete slabs, prefabricated beams, cages and columns.

Image for Merchant Bar
Merchant Bar Products & Services

Merchant Bar is supplied in structural grades for structural and general manufacturing applications.

Merchant Bar consists of straight-length, hot-rolled, flats, angles, small channels, rounds and squares.

Image for Rod for Mesh
Rod for Mesh Reinforcing Steels

Wire Rod is provided in coil form and is suitable for a range of industrial applications. It's generally used for cold drawing or rolling for further processing into reinforcing mesh.

Image for Hot Rolled Structurals
Hot Rolled Structurals Products & Services

Hot Rolled Structural Steel is used by the Australian construction industry and supplied to both Australia and New Zealand.

Hot Rolled Structural Steel sections, beams, columns, channels and angles are supplied in structural grades for structural applications.

Image for Trak-Lok® Steel Sleeper System
Trak-Lok® Steel Sleeper System Rail Products

Trak-Lok® Steel Sleeper Systems are made in Australia and feature a fastening system that ties rails together while maintaining gauge and rail position. Among the advantages offered by the Trak-Lok Steel Sleeper System are: its lightweight design; excellent track stability; reduced maintenance; and, sustainability benefits.

Image for Steel Rail
Steel Rail Rail Products

Liberty OneSteel manufactures steel rails at the Liberty OneSteel Whyalla Steelworks. Plain Carbon and Head Hardened rails are manufactured in a variety of sizes to suit the Australasian rail network.