OneSteel Metalcentre is on Facebook

OneSteel Metalcentre is on Facebook

OneSteel Metalcentre recently launched their company Facebook page.

On this platform we will be sharing content regularly relating to everything Steel and Customers including specials and competitions, the latest product information, large scale project updates, fun events, and important updates from our business partners.

Following us on Facebook is the best way to gain instant access to our most recent and valuable customer information.

Onesteel Metalcentre is on Facebook You can stay up-to-date with us by liking our page here. Click here to view our Facebook page.

We are also excited to share with you that we are on YouTube and LinkedIn.

OneSteel Metalcentre is on YoutubeTo view/ follow our latest video footage visit our YouTube Channel click here

Onesteel Metalcentre is on LinkedInTo view/ follow our latest business/ community updates visit our LinkedIn page click here

We look forward to connecting with you!OneSteel Metalcentre is on Facebook